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Prismacolor Premier Pencils

Prismacolor Premier Pencils

Prismacolor Premier Pencils Prismacolor Premier Pencils

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Item #: PrismPC

Mfg. List: $1.84

Your Price: $1.15  -  You Save 38%!

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

Quantity Pricing Available!
1 - 35$1.15
36 - 143$1.05

Product Description:

Artist-quality colored pencils for every level of expertise.

High quality pigments for a rich color saturation.

Soft, thick cores create a smooth color laydown for superior blending and shading.

Thick leads resist breakage.

Available in 150 brilliant colors sold individually or in sets of 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 132 and 150.

Including new Prismacolor Pencil colors! Cerulean Blue PC-103, Prussian Green PC-109, Permanent Red PC-122, Cobalt Blue Hue PC-133, Pomegranate PC-195, Deco Peach PC-1013, Deco Pink PC-1014, Neon Orange PC-1036, Neon Pink PC-1038, Cadmium Orange Hue PC-118, Indanthrone Blue PC-208, Grey Green Light PC-289, Deco Yellow PC-1011, and Neon Yellow PC-1035

Clear Blender PC-1077Qty:
Cerulean Blue PC-103Qty:
Cobalt Turquoise PC-105Qty:
Prussian Green PC-109Qty:
Cadmium Orange Hue PC-118Qty:
Sap Green Light PC-120Qty:
Permanent Red PC-122Qty:
Dioxazine Purple Hue PC-132Qty:
Cobalt Blue Hue PC-133Qty:
Eggshell PC-140Qty:
Pomegranate PC-195Qty:
Indanthrone Blue PC-208Qty:
Grey Green Light PC-289Qty:
Indigo Blue PC-901Qty:
Ultramarine PC-902Qty:
True Blue PC-903Qty:
Lt. Cerulean Blue PC-904Qty:
Aquamarine PC-905Qty:
Copenhagen Blue PC-906Qty:
Peacock Green PC-907Qty:
Dark Green PC-908Qty:
Grass Green PC-909Qty:
True Green PC-910Qty:
Olive Green PC-911Qty:
Apple Green PC-912Qty:
Spring Green PC-913Qty:
Cream PC-914Qty:
Lemon Yellow PC-915Qty:
Canary Yellow PC-916Qty:
Sunburst Yellow PC-917Qty:
Orange PC-918Qty:
Non-Photo Blue PC919Qty:
Light Green PC-920Qty:
Pale Vermilion PC-921Qty:
Poppy Red PC-922Qty:
Scarlet Lake PC-923Qty:
Crimson Red PC-924Qty:
Crimson Lake PC-925Qty:
Carmine Red PC-926Qty:
Light Peach PC-927Qty:
Blush Pink PC-928Qty:
Pink PC-929Qty:
Magenta PC-930Qty:
Dark Purple PC-931Qty:
Violet PC-932Qty:
Violet Blue PC-933Qty:
Lavender PC-934Qty:
Black PC-935Qty:
Slate Grey PC-936Qty:
Tuscan Red PC-937Qty:
White PC-938Qty:
Peach PC-939Qty:
Sand PC-940Qty:
Light Umber PC-941Qty:
Yellow Ochre PC-942Qty:
Burnt Ochre PC-943Qty:
Terra Cotta PC-944Qty:
Sienna Brown PC-945Qty:
Dark Brown PC-946Qty:
Dark Umber PC-947Qty:
Sepia PC-948Qty:
Metallic Silver PC-949Qty:
Metallic Gold PC-950Qty:
Lilac PC-956Qty:
Marine Green PC-988Qty:
Chartreuse PC-989Qty:
Light Aqua PC-992Qty:
Hot Pink PC-993Qty:
Process Red PC-994Qty:
Mulberry PC-995Qty:
Black Grape PC-996Qty:
Beige PC-997Qty:
Salmon Pink PC-1001Qty:
Yellowed Orange PC-1002Qty:
Spanish Orange PC-1003Qty:
Yellow Chartreuse PC-1004Qty:
Limepeel PC-1005Qty:
Parrot Green PC-1006Qty:
Imperial Violet PC-1007Qty:
Parma Violet PC-1008Qty:
Dahlia Purple PC-1009Qty:
Deco Yellow PC-1011Qty:
Jasmine PC-1012Qty:
Deco Peach PC-1013Qty:
Deco Pink PC-1014Qty:
Clay Rose PC-1017Qty:
Pink Rose PC-1018Qty:
Rosy Beige PC-1019Qty:
Celadon Green PC-1020Qty:
Jade Green PC-1021Qty:
Mediterranean Blue PC-1022Qty:
Cloud Blue PC-1023Qty:
Blue Slate PC-1024Qty:
Periwinkle PC-1025Qty:
Greyed Lavender PC-1026Qty:
Peacock Blue PC-1027Qty:
Bronze PC-1028Qty:
Mahogany Red PC-1029Qty:
Raspberry PC-1030Qty:
Henna PC-1031Qty:
Pumpkin Orange PC-1032Qty:
Mineral Orange PC1033Qty:
Goldenrod PC-1034Qty:
Neon Yellow PC-1035Qty:
Neon Orange PC-1036Qty:
Neon Pink PC-1038Qty:
Electric Blue PC-1040Qty:
Warm Grey 10% PC-1050Qty:
Warm Grey 20% PC-1051Qty:
Warm Grey 30% PC1052Qty:
Warm Grey 50% PC1054Qty:
Warm Grey 70% PC1056Qty:
Warm Grey 90% PC1058Qty:
Cool Grey 10% PC1059Qty:
Cool Grey 20% PC1060Qty:
Cool Grey 30% PC1061Qty:
Cool Grey 50% PC1063Qty:
Cool Grey 70% PC1065Qty:
Cool Grey 90% PC1067Qty:
French Grey 10% PC1068Qty:
French Grey 20% PC1069Qty:
French Grey 30% PC1070Qty:
French Grey 50% PC1072Qty:
French Grey 70% PC1074Qty:
French Grey 90% PC-1076Qty:
Black Cherry PC-1078Qty:
Blue Violet Lake PC-1079Qty:
Beige Sienna PC-1080Qty:
Chestnut PC-1081Qty:
Chocolate PC-1082Qty:
Putty Beige PC-1083Qty:
Ginger Root PC-1084Qty:
Peach Beige PC-1085Qty:
Sky Blue Light PC-1086Qty:
Powder Blue PC-1087Qty:
Muted Turquoise PC-1088Qty:
Pale Sage PC-1089Qty:
Kelp Green PC-1090Qty:
Green Ochre PC-1091Qty:
Nectar PC-1092Qty:
Seashell Pink PC-1093Qty:
Sandbar Brown PC-1094Qty:
Black Raspberry PC-1095Qty:
Kelly Green PC-1096Qty:
Moss Green PC-1097Qty:
Artichoke PC-1098Qty:
Espresso PC-1099Qty:
China Blue PC-1100Qty:
Denim Blue PC-1101Qty:
Blue Lake PC-1102Qty:
Caribbean Sea PC-1103Qty:

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