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Prismacolor Premier Pencils

Prismacolor Premier Pencils

Prismacolor Premier Pencils Prismacolor Premier Pencils

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Item #: PrismPC

Mfg. List: $1.60

Your Price: $1.09  -  You Save 32%!

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

Quantity Pricing Available!
1 - 35$1.09

Product Description:

Artists' quality colored pencils for every level of expertise

High quality pigments for a rich color saturation

Soft, thick cores create a smooth color laydown for superior blending and shading

Thick leads resist breakage

Available in 132 brilliant colors sold individually or in sets of 12, 24, 36, 48, 72, & 120.

Including new Prismacolor Pencil colors! Cerulean Blue PC-103, Prussian Green PC-109, Permanent Red PC-122, Cobalt Blue Hue PC-133, Pomegranate PC-195, Deco Peach PC-1013, Deco Pink PC-1014, Neon Orange PC-1036, Neon Pink PC-1038, Cadmium Orange Hue PC-118, Indanthrone Blue PC-208, Grey Green Light PC-289, Deco Yellow PC-1011, and Neon Yellow PC-1035

Clear Blender PC-1077Qty:
Cerulean Blue PC-103Qty:
Cobalt Turquoise PC-105Qty:
Prussian Green PC-109Qty:
Sap Green Light PC-120Qty:
Permanent Red PC-122Qty:
Dioxazine Purple Hue PC-132Qty:
Cobalt Blue Hue PC-133Qty:
Eggshell PC-140Qty:
Pomegranate PC-195Qty:
Indigo Blue PC-901Qty:
Ultramarine PC-902Qty:
True Blue PC-903Qty:
Lt. Cerulean Blue PC-904Qty:
Aquamarine PC-905Qty:
Copenhagen Blue PC-906Qty:
Peacock Green PC-907Qty:
Dark Green PC-908Qty:
Grass Green PC-909Qty:
True Green PC-910Qty:
Olive Green PC-911Qty:
Apple Green PC-912Qty:
Spring Green PC-913Qty:
Cream PC-914Qty:
Lemon Yellow PC-915Qty:
Canary Yellow PC-916Qty:
Sunburst Yellow PC-917Qty:
Orange PC-918Qty:
Non-Photo Blue PC919Qty:
Light Green PC-920Qty:
Pale Vermillion PC-921Qty:
Poppy Red PC-922Qty:
Scarlet Lake PC-923Qty:
Crimson Red PC-924Qty:
Crimson Lake PC-925Qty:
Carmine Red PC-926Qty:
Light Peach PC-927Qty:
Blush Pink PC-928Qty:
Pink PC-929Qty:
Magenta PC-930Qty:
Dark Purple PC-931Qty:
Violet PC-932Qty:
Violet Blue PC-933Qty:
Lavender PC-934Qty:
Black PC-935Qty:
Slate Grey PC-936Qty:
Tuscan Red PC-937Qty:
White PC-938Qty:
Peach PC-939Qty:
Sand PC-940Qty:
Light Umber PC-941Qty:
Yellow Ochre PC-942Qty:
Burnt Ochre PC-943Qty:
Terra Cotta PC-944Qty:
Sienna Brown PC-945Qty:
Dark Brown PC-946Qty:
Dark Umber PC-947Qty:
Sepia PC-948Qty:
Metallic Silver PC-949Qty:
Metallic Gold PC-950Qty:
Lilac PC-956Qty:
Marine Green PC-988Qty:
Chartreuse PC-989Qty:
Light Aqua PC-992Qty:
Hot Pink PC-993Qty:
Process Red PC-994Qty:
Mulberry PC-995Qty:
Black Grape PC-996Qty:
Beige PC-997Qty:
Salmon Pink PC-1001Qty:
Yellowed Orange PC-1002Qty:
Spanish Orange PC-1003Qty:
Yellow Chartreuse PC-1004Qty:
Limepeel PC-1005Qty:
Parrot Green PC-1006Qty:
Imperial Violet PC-1007Qty:
Parma Violet PC-1008Qty:
Dahlia Purple PC-1009Qty:
Jasmine PC-1012Qty:
Deco Peach PC-1013Qty:
Deco Pink PC-1014Qty:
Clay Rose PC-1017Qty:
Pink Rose PC-1018Qty:
Rosy Beige PC-1019Qty:
Celadon Green PC-1020Qty:
Jade Green PC-1021Qty:
Mediterranean Blue PC-1022Qty:
Cloud Blue PC-1023Qty:
Blue Slate PC-1024Qty:
Periwinkle PC-1025Qty:
Greyed Lavender PC-1026Qty:
Peacock Blue PC-1027Qty:
Bronze PC-1028Qty:
Mahogany Red PC-1029Qty:
Raspberry PC-1030Qty:
Henna PC-1031Qty:
Pumpkin Orange PC-1032Qty:
Mineral Orange PC1033Qty:
Goldenrod PC-1034Qty:
Neon Orange PC-1036Qty:
Neon Pink PC-1038Qty:
Electric Blue PC-1040Qty:
Warm Grey 10% PC-1050Qty:
Warm Grey 20% PC-1051Qty:
Warm Grey 30% PC1052Qty:
Warm Grey 50% PC1054Qty:
Warm Grey 70% PC1056Qty:
Warm Grey 90% PC1058Qty:
Cool Grey 10% PC1059Qty:
Cool Grey 20% PC1060Qty:
Cool Grey 30% PC1061Qty:
Cool Grey 50% PC1063Qty:
Cool Grey 70% PC1065Qty:
Cool Grey 90% PC1067Qty:
French Grey 10% PC1068Qty:
French Grey 20% PC1069Qty:
French Grey 30% PC1070Qty:
French Grey 50% PC1072Qty:
French Grey 70% PC1074Qty:
French Grey 90% PC-1076Qty:
Black Cherry PC-1078Qty:
Blue Violet Lake PC-1079Qty:
Beige Sienna PC-1080Qty:
Chestnut PC-1081Qty:
Chocolate PC-1082Qty:
Putty Beige PC-1083Qty:
Ginger Root PC-1084Qty:
Peach Beige PC-1085Qty:
Sky Blue Light PC-1086Qty:
Powder Blue PC-1087Qty:
Muted Turquoise PC-1088Qty:
Pale Sage PC-1089Qty:
Kelp Green PC-1090Qty:
Green Ochre PC-1091Qty:
Nectar PC-1092Qty:
Seashell Pink PC-1093Qty:
Sandbar Brown PC-1094Qty:
Black Raspberry PC-1095Qty:
Kelly Green PC-1096Qty:
Moss Green PC-1097Qty:
Artichoke PC-1098Qty:
Espresso PC-1099Qty:
China Blue PC-1100Qty:
Denim Blue PC-1101Qty:
Blue Lake PC-1102Qty:
Caribbean Sea PC-1103Qty:
Cadmium Orange Hue PC-118Qty:
Indanthrone Blue PC-208Qty:
Grey Green Light PC-289Qty:
Deco Yellow PC-1011Qty:
Neon Yellow PC-1035Qty:

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