Chameleon Fineliner Set of 6- Nature Colors

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Introducing- "The World's First Color-Blending Fineliner!"
Using Chameleon's patented dual ink system (with ink inside both the pen and the cap), these unique pens make it easy to smoothly transform one color into another as you write or draw.

Each .3mm fineliner pen can be used on its own as a single color, or simply place the cap from another color onto the tip for just a few seconds, and presto- your pen now writes with the other color ink and will gradually change back to the original color as you mark. Try 3 or 4 different caps to create a rainbow writing effect!

Water-based ink won't bleed through most papers so they're safe for decorating journals & planners, cards, notes, coloring books and more!

This Nature Colors set includes the following colors:
OL3 Olive Green
GR4 Evergreen
NU0 Sand
BR1 Taupe
BR3 Cinnamon
BR5 Bark

*This set will only be available while supplies last.

  • Color Shift
Usually ships the same business day

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