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The manufacturer has discontinued the red Painters chisel tip. This item will only be available while supplies last.

Elmers Painters contain real acrylic paint and are opaque when dry.

They work on practically any surface: Wood, Pottery, Glass, Metal, Paper, Plastic, Fabrics, and Ceramics. Makes decorating easy and fun! To activate just shake, push the tip down and the paint will begin to flow out smoothly.

Chisel tip painters feature a flat chisel, valve-action tip with a 1/8" width that makes lines of various sizes depending on the angle of the tip. (Note: the icon on the marker label shows a slanted chisel, but these markers have a flat, straight-edged chisel.)

Elmers Painters are Non-Toxic and Acid-Free.

The Elmers Painters Chisel tip is also available HERE in Black and HERE in metallic gold & silver!

For a larger-size chisel tip, try the Elmers Painters Super Tip!

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