Kuretake Mannen Mouhitsu No. 50 Brush Pen- 40th Anniversary Limited Edition

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A special Limited Edition version of Kuretake's No. 50 Mannen-Mouhitsu, celebrating the 40th anniversary of this range of fountain brush pens at Kuretake.

Inside a lightweight wooden box, you'll find a muted gold-colored barrel pen body with an individual bristle brush tip. Also included is a spare tip of a different kind- an extra fine hard brush tip, for even more variation in the types of thick and thin lines you can make in your lettering or illustrations!

A box of 3 ink cartridges are also included, featuring black, water-based pigment ink. 

Also included are instructions in English for inserting the ink cartridge and caring for the brush tip.

Previously only available in Japan, these pens will be here at Marker Supply only while supplies last!

Usually ships the same business day

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