Zig Emboss Scroll & Brush Marker

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This twin-tip marker has slightly sticky ink for use with embossing powders!

The Zig Emboss Scroll & Brush marker features a flexible fiber brush tip on one end, and a split scroll tip on the other.

Embossing is a fun way to add "raised and glazed" lettering and designs to your cards, invitations, and more.

Great for freehand lettering and drawing or with stencils and rubber stamps. Just make your marks then generously sprinkle embossing powder over them (as quickly as possible, to prevent the ink from becoming too dry). Tilt your paper and let the excess powder slide off. The slightly sticky ink will hold the powder on just your marks. Repeat this "powdering" process if there are parts of the mark that aren't fully covered. Using a small, dry paintbrush can help remove stray powder if any sticks to the paper around your marks. Then use a heat tool to melt the embossing powder- leaving you with beautiful embossed effects!

*Please Note: Any dual tipped markers must be stored in a horizontal position, if they are not positioned correctly this will result in one of the tips becoming dry and un-useable.

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Usually ships the same business day

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