Alcohol Ink Art

Alcohol Ink Art

Alcohol inks are incredibly fun to play with in all sorts of arts and craft projects.

Create unique designs on slick, non-porous surfaces such as tiles, jewelry, glossy papers, metal, glass, and more. (Or try pairing them with shaving cream to make mesmerizing marbled effects!) Alcohol ink mixatives can also be used to give your colors a metallic or pearlescent sheen.

These inks are easily blendable with rubbing alcohol or alcohol ink blending solutions. Apply several drops onto your surface either before or after applying your inks and watch the magic happen as they move and mix! Blenders can also be added with other tools for more patterned looks, or try blender markers for more controlled techniques.

Alcohol inks are dye-based, which allows them to have a variety of brilliant colors. This also means however that they are not the most lightfast. Keep artwork out of direct sunlight or seal with a UV-resistant topcoat to protect your ink art from fading. Also, true ink colors may change when mixed with certain epoxy resins.

**Caution: While alcohol inks are simple to use, they are not recommended for children due to the alcohol-based content of the ink. Use in well-ventilated areas and keep away from heat and flame. Alcohol inks may stain porous surfaces such as clothing, wood tables, etc.