edding 753 Gloss Paint Marker- Calligraphy Tip

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The edding 753 have a flat chisel / broad edge calligraphy style tip that makes lines ranging from 1 to 2.5 mm.

edding's Gloss Paint Markers contain highly-pigmented paint for permanent, opaque, waterproof, lightfast marking on almost any smooth surface. 

Use them to write and draw on objects made of plastic, glass, metal, stone, paper and more. (For best results on paper, using coated or heavier cardstock types is recommended.)

The tips use a valve-action mechanism to always ensure a fresh flow of paint. After shaking well with the cap on, simply pump the tip several times on a hard, scrap surface to start or reactivate the ink.

Caution: Contains oil-based ink that is flammable and not suitable for use by children.

Made in Japan.

  • Metallic
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