Gansai Tambi Watercolors- Set of 100 in Wooden Box

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This beautiful limited edition boxed set includes the full range of 100 Gansai Tambi watercolors and was created to honor Kuretake's 120th anniversary. Individual pan watercolors are arranged inside 4 stacking wooden trays with a top cover that features designs of flowers commonly seen in Japanese paintings. 

Includes classic color tones, as well as the specialty pearl, gem, opal, starry gold, muted graphite varieties, and "Gofun White", a traditional color in original Japanese painting techniques. Gofun is a soft, transparent shade of white with a slighty warm tone, made from oyster shells that have been ground into a chalk.

These watercolor pans measure 4.79 x 2.83 cm (containing 0.30oz / 9g of paint), which are slightly larger than other full pan sizes, allowing for easier use with larger brushes. Pans are made of plastic and feature the color name/number on the bottom.

The rich and intense colors of Gansai Tambi are handcrafted with professional-quality pigments. These fine-caliber watercolors are highly blendable, with a creamy-smooth consistency found only in traditional Japan. Their bold colors are lightfast to keep your art vivid over time.

They can be as opaque as gouache when used with little water. To achieve a more transparent effect, dilute the paints with water and blend until the desired consistency and opacity is reached. Make-your-own color chart sheets are included!

Perfect for illustration, calligraphy, brush lettering and much more! You can also add special effects to your artwork on light or dark paper with the shimmering metallic gold, gem, and pearl/opalescent colors!

Gansai Tambi watercolors are made by Kuretake in Japan.

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