Holbein Acrylic Ink- 100ml Bottles- Series B

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Holbein Acrylic Inks have brilliantly strong color pigments and low viscosity, suitable for a variety of art forms.

These inks work well with paintbrushes, airbrushes, calligraphy nibs/dip pens, refillable paint markers, or technical pens. Their thin consistency can even flow through a tip as small as 0.1mm in size!

Colors will vary in their levels of opacity and permanence. See the inset color chart photo for more details about these ratings. This color chart photo will also show how these inks can be used plain as a solid color, or blended out to create gradually lighter tones and watercolor-style gradients. (Inks will no longer be water-soluble once dry.)
See color chart for individual color availability

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