Holbein Artist Watercolors- 5ml Tubes

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Originating in the early 1920’s, Holbein Artist Watercolors have always held high standards in paint and pigment quality. They are now available in 108 highly-concentrated colors that are each designed to be easily re-wet and long-lasting in the tube, on a palette, or for creating a solid pan. Use them to create powerfully dark color and/or more subtle-yet-brilliant transparent washes. Creamy texture gives excellent brush control.

These smaller tubes are the perfect size for trying out colors as you add to your collection. Each tube measures 2 1/2" long and contains 5 ml (.17 fl oz) of paint. 

(Holbein watercolor paints are broken into various "series" based on the pigments used to make the colors, noted by each name in the color chart. Prices will vary between Series A (the most common) to Series F (the most rare/expensive). Lightfastness ratings also vary within each series. See the color chart in the photos for more details.)

Made in Japan. 

Prices for colors in each series:
(A) $6.67
(B) $7.31
(C) $8.29
(D) $9.43
(E) $11.70
(F) $15.28

  • Water-Soluble
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