Marvy Le Pen Pigment

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A new version of the Marvy Le Pen is here- introducing the perfectly permanent Le Pen Pigment!

Similar to the classic Le Pen on the outside- with the same smooth-writing, micro-fine .3mm plastic point, sleek barrel design (a bit thicker than the original Le Pen) and handy clip cap.

The main difference with these new Le Pens is in the ink! Using a pigment instead of a dye gives great benefits to ink such as being waterproof when dry, lightfast, quick-drying, smudge-proof, and good for use even on thin papers with no bleed-through.  

Le Pen Pigment pens are a practical yet stylish choice for making marks that last. Nice for use in planners & journals, handwritten letters & notes, colorful hand lettering art and illustrations, and more!

Made in Japan. 

Explore the rest of the Le Pen family! Find an expanded color range with the classic Marvy Le Pen, a flexible brush pen tip with the Marvy Le Pen Flex, and multiple tip sizes with the Marvy Le Pen Technical Pens.

Usually ships the same business day

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