Molotow Empty Pump Marker, 2mm Round Tip (111EM)

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Create your own custom colors inside this empty marker from Molotow!

Compatible with nearly all inks and acrylic paints. A transparent section of the barrel allows you to see the paint inside, along with a marked measuring gauge to show how much ink you are adding / how much ink remains.

The 2mm rounded pump style tips use the Flowmaster valve system which always provides a consistent, fresh flow of paint. Simply press the tip up and down several times onto hard surface covered with scrap paper to increase the amount of ink in the tip.   

Easy to fill and refill! Simply remove the cap, slide the tip out, then unscrew the white section that held the tip. Under that will be a clear plastic stopper section. Lifting that part out will give you access to the barrel for adding your ink! Be careful not to fill past the "Max" line, to ensure the clear plastic section will go back in without overflowing/pushing the ink out as you reassemble the top pieces onto the barrel.

Made in Germany.

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