Pentel Orenz 1-Click Mechanical Pencils

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Pentel's 1-Click mechanical pencils use a special anti-breaking lead system with the help of a unique Super Sliding Sleeve.

You only need to click once to extend the sleeve, then keep writing until the sleeve fully retracts. The lead should no longer come out past the metal tip while writing, so you'll be able to write without seeing the lead, preventing it from breaking! 

Pre-loaded with Pentel Super Hi-Polymer "B" lead, which is super strong, never needs sharpening and always produces a clear dark line. A refillable Pentel Z2-1N eraser can be found under the top cap.

Made in Japan.

Sold individually. Choose from the following lead sizes with different colored barrels for each:

0.2mm with a White barrel

0.3mm with a Pink barrel

0.5mm with a Black barrel

0.7mm with a Light Blue barrel

  • Refillable

Choose Colors and Quantity:

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