Zig Posterman Biggie 50

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This marker has a very large, 2" wide tip (50mm).

High opacity, water-based pigmented ink suitable for marking most surfaces including glass, metal, paper, plastic, mirrors, wood and stone. Great on posterboard.

Works well for advertisements on chalkboards and glass surfaces. Marks are waterproof and stay on glass until you wash them off with glass cleaner. Marks wash off chalkboards with a standard ammonia-based household cleaning solution, however you should always test a small area first to check for possible ghosting, especially with white and the metallics.

The versatile valve-action tip can be used with the broad edge for large lettering, the side for fine lines, left slightly under-primed for a "brush stroke" effect, or slightly over-primed for easy paint splattering!

Safe / Non-Toxic.

*Biggie 50 Silver is no longer available. Alternative options include Montana Acrylic 50mm Silver or Zig Posterman Biggie 30 Silver.

Several colors of the Zig Biggie 50 have been discontinued by the manufacturer: Brown, Gold, all Metallic Colors, and all Fluorescent Colors. Availability of these colors will become limited. Find the metallics at a special clearance price on their own page HERE!
  • Removable
  • Fluorescent
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