Deleter Trial Pen Set

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Deleter's Trial Pen Set a great place for beginners to start using nibs and ink for drawing!

It includes a small plastic pen holder, 3 postcard-sized sheets of manuscript paper, and the following 3 varieties of basic-style metal nibs:

The Maru-pen: a mapping/crowquill style nib perfect for thin lines and little details.
The G-pen (Nikko G): a must-have nib with flexibility to create powerful line effects by making both thick and thin marks.
The Saji-pen: a harder tip for smooth, uniform lines. (Also called the Tama-pen or Kabura-pen.)

All of these Japanese nibs are highly recommended for practicing illustration styles such as manga, comic art, and technical drawing.

Deleter inks can be purchased separately, with Black 1 being the most recommended for beginner use and Black 4 for more professional level work.

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