Holbein Acrylic Gouache Primary Color Mixing Set of 5 Tubes

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Holbein's Acrylic Gouache Primary Color Mixing Set includes 20ml tubes in the following 5 colors: Primary Magenta, Primary Yellow, Primary Cyan, Primary Black, and Primary White. 

Primary colors are the perfect ones to have in your collection of art supplies as they cannot be created by mixing other colors together. Since they act as the foundations for mixing most other colors, this set contains all you need to produce a wide range of color options.

Holbein's Acryla Gouache provides the experience of traditional gouache but adds the benefit of acrylic properties. With its unique opaque formula that blends and feels like gouache, this is the perfect paint for fine artists, illustrators, designers, and students alike. Dries to a permanent, water-resistant finish, allowing you to create bold backgrounds or layer different colors to build vibrant compositions. The colors on your palette remain just as vivid once dry, as this acrylic water-based paint has no color-shift.

It is also compatible with all water-based paints (but not to be mixed with oil colors/mediums) and has excellent lightfastness, making it the go-to choice for mixed media applications. Whether you're painting with a brush, knife, or spatula, or creating precise details, this gouache dries to a velvety matte finish that's sure to impress. Great for beginners and professionals alike.

Made in Japan.

Usually ships the same business day

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