Karin Brushmarker PRO

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Filled with intensely-colored dye-based ink, these new brush markers leave extra "juicy" marks for vibrant lettering, drawing, or coloring. Liquid ink technology keeps the flow of ink nicely controlled and efficiently allows you to color until the last drop of ink is used up.

Flexible nylon tip. Non-toxic, water-based dye ink. Ideal storage: tip pointed up. If left uncapped for too long and the brush dries out, leave tip pointed down until it rehydrates.

Easily blendable for creating color mixes, gradation effects, and watercolor-style art.

Made in Poland.

Some simple blending techniques you can try:

-Touch the tips of 2 colors together vertically for several seconds. The marker on the bottom will absorb some color from the top marker. Color with the bottom marker and watch the ink smoothly transition between the 2 tones.

-Touch the tip of a color into the tip of the colorless blender brush for a few seconds. Then write or draw with the blender tip and watch the tone gradually lighten.

-Use a smooth, non-porous surface to dab some of the ink from 2 or more colors onto. Then use the blender brush to mix them together.
  • Fluorescent
See color chart for individual color availability

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