Karin Pigment DecoBrush Master Set of 84 Colors

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This karin Master Set is a complete 84-piece collection of karin's newest brush-tipped paint markers, the Pigment DecoBrush!

With 7 heavy cardboard pull out boxes inside a large outer box, the master set packaging takes care of storage and organization needs for your markers. Each removable box is a color-themed set in itself with 12 markers in these families: Basic, Passion, Violet Blue, Nature, Nude, Gray, and Pastel. (See photos for swatches.)

Filled with a liquid pigment paint similar to acrylic, these fiber tip brush pens create art and lettering in opaque colors on a variety of surfaces including paper, metal, glass, chalkboards, plastic, fabric, wood, and more. 

Bold colors stand out even on dark surfaces, and leave a matte finish that becomes waterproof and lightfast when fully dry. Paint can be removed from non-porous surfaces with an alcohol-based cleaner.

Markers contain 2.4ml of non-toxic, organic pigment-based paint. They are non-refillable, but they use a special liquid ink technology that allows you to use every drop of ink inside.

Shake well before use to properly mix the paint color inside. The ideal storage position of these markers is horizontal with the tip angled slightly downward and the cap tightly covering it.

Made in Poland.

Usually ships the same business day

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