Kuretake Ink Cafe Meiji no Iro Bottled Ink - Shikon #536

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Kuretake Ink Café "Meiji no Iro" Bottled Ink - Shikon #536
Shikon, a purple color often used in women's clothing as a cool, chic color choice. The Meiji era is also called the Purple Era due to the popularity of purple as a trendy color.

Meiji No Iro inks were released in 2022 to commemorate Kuretake’s 120th anniversary. Japanese art supply company Kuretake was founded in 1902 during the Meiji era of Japan, and each color in this series is inspired by the art and fashions of that era. If you could travel back in time to 1902, you would have found these colors in clothing, decorative items, and of course- art supplies!

These water-based dye inks are compatible with fountain pens, dip/nib pens, and brushes for adding beautifully rich color to art and lettering. They also can be used to fill Kuretake's empty Karappo pens- as is, or mixed together to create your own custom-colored pens!

20mL / 0.71oz square glass bottle with faceted cap. Each ink is packaged in an elegant gift box that features a Meiji-era design to complement the color of the ink.

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