Kuretake Karappo Empty Pen- Refillable Cartridge Type- Fine Brush Tip

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This new version of Kuretake's "Karappo" empty pen uses ink cartridges instead of ink sticks, so they can be refilled and reused! 

Karappo, the Japanese word for empty, both names and describes these markers. They come in several pieces, ready to be filled with ink of whatever color you choose.

This Karappo features a fine, slightly flexible brush tip.

Pack includes pen body, tip, cap, 2 ink cartridges, 2 metal balls for mixing, and a small dropper for filling cartridges with ink. (Use caution when first taking the contents apart so the small metal mixing balls don't roll away!)

Please note: This is an empty pen, no ink is included. You can fill these pens with most fountain pen / non-waterproof inks. Compatible inks found here include the Kuretake's "Ink-Cafe at Home" kit, the Kuretake Ink Cafe Meiji no Iro inks, Kuretake Art Nouveau Inks, Pebeo Colorex, or the Ecoline watercolor inks.

(*Thicker inks, like acrylics or other waterproof pigment-based inks, will have trouble flowing through this type of marker and should not be used. Metallics are also not recommended as the shimmering pigments may not be able to travel through the tip.)

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