Marvy Decocolor Outliner Set of 4

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This special version of Marvy's Decocolor paint pens easily creates outlined silver marks for creative arts, crafts, and lettering projects!

The fine, rounded tip writes in shiny silver paint that is automatically outlined by ink of another color! Set includes Red, Blue, Green, and Violet outline colors.

They work best on thicker, white/light colored papers, uncoated card stock, craft paper or other smooth, porous surfaces such as cardboard. The size of the colored outline can be slightly controlled by how fast you write. The slower you go, the more the color will spread out around the sides.

These paint pens are designed to bleed through, so the ink will soak through papers. Be sure to protect the surfaces underneath as you work and keep in mind that they are best suited for single-sided paper crafts.

Shake well before each use. Valve-action tips need to be primed when first using. Lightly press down several times on a scratch paper surface whenever you want to start/refresh the flow of paint.

Caution: This oil-based paint contains Xylene. Use in a well-ventilated area. Not recommended for use by children.

  • Metallic
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