Nicker Poster Colour

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Nicker Poster Colours are professional-grade Japanese watercolors mixed with pure arabic gum as a binder for a super smooth spread.

Similar to gouache, this dense pigment ink can be used straight and opaque, or also can be thinned for more transparency. Great for use with brushes and also works with pointed / broad edge dip pens. Highly acclaimed amongst professionals in calligraphy, design, and animation industries- they have even been used in Japanese animation studios like Studio Ghibli to paint backgrounds. 

Dries to a matte finish. Available in 60 colors. (Lightfast, bleeding, and opacity ratings vary by color. Click HERE to view a chart for these ratings and more information.)

40ml wide-mouth glass jars with screw top lids. 

Made in Japan.

  • Water-Soluble
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