Tombow Fudenosuke Pastel Brush Pen Set of 6

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The Tombow Fudenosuke brush pens are now available in white and several soft pastel colors for beautiful lettering even on dark papers!

This set contains all 6 pastel colors: Lavender, Light Blue, Light Green, Pale Yellow, Soft Pink, and White.

These extra fine brush tip pens are the "soft tip" version, which gives a little more flexibility for making both thin and thicker lines. 

Ink won't bleed through most papers and can be layered for more intense color on black papers, envelopes, etc. (Ink will become more opaque on darker papers as it dries.)

A nice choice for brush lettering beginners, and a great tool for seasoned calligraphers and illustrators as well. Plus, the white can also be used in illustrations to create highlight effects!

Water-based pigment ink. Non-refillable. Best stored horizontally. 

Made in Vietnam.

  • Pastel
Usually ships the same business day

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